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Bobtail Squid @ Jemeluk Night dive

APRIL 2020 - Operating in Covid times.

We here at Bali Reef Divers and Puri Wirata hope you are all keeping safe.

Despite living through volcano eruptions, earthquakes and Bali’s crazy traffic, Bali and the whole world is facing a problem no one has ever had to deal with.
With no end in sight to this pandemic, we were left to make a decision what to do with our business and staff.

We understand the need for social distancing. We understand why the curve has to be flattened.

However, we also understand that, with no income for the foreseeable future, many of our staff will suffer more because they won’t be able to provide food for their families, keep themselves healthy and in the process, expose themselves more to a virus that will be harder on them to deal with than in normal circumstances.
Realistically, if we close now, we can pay our staff out until the end of April, but with no income and no government support, beyond that, everything is a blur.

So we decided to stay open, however with some very clear restrictions, where we still try to respect the social distancing and general safety as much as possible.

For the diving:
- Our Amed Dive Center will be open every day, from 1 to 6pm. We will only have 1 staff at the office. (unless we have divers, then the shop is open from the morning with the necessary staff to handle the guests)
- Groups of divers will be maximum 2 per guide or instructor.
- Mouthpieces will be switched for each different customer and thoroughly disinfected and cleaned after each diving day.

For the resort
- A minimal amount of staff will be around, enough to give the service level we require.
- Rooms will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after each stay.

We offer everything at absolute bottom prices. We do not expect to make any profit at all these months. We just want to stretch the period where we can pay our staff as long as possible, to overcome a situation that could potentially go on for a longer time.

If you are stranded in Bali, a Bali resident, whether that is an Indonesian citizen or an expat and you finally have some free time to do things you wanted to do since a long time, consider our offers and know that it helps many families survive the upcoming hard months.


2 Fun dives/day: Rp. 700.000/pp
3 fun dives/day: Rp. 1.050.000/pp
5 dives-2 days: Rp. 1.750.000/pp

Discover Scuba pool + 2 dives: Rp. 1.000.000
PADI Open Water course (3 days): Rp. 4.000.000
PADI Advanced Open Water: Rp. 3.500.000


Deluxe room: Rp. 500.000/night
Superior room: Rp. 600.000/night
Bungalow: Rp. 650.000/night
Master Suite: Rp. 750.000/night

Rates include taxes, service and breakfast for 2. All rooms with AC and Ocean View.

This offer is valid from 26/3 until 30/4/2020

Just remember, you can’t catch this virus under water!

Stay safe everyone and may this all be over soon.




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